Thanks for visiting ZipCard!

In case you missed our announcement, the ZipCard program has moved. It’s got a new name - WeLocals! And it’s now totally app based (iOS and Android).   

What does this mean?

• From 1st October 2016 onwards your ZipCard card is no longer valid in any of our participating stores

• You will need the WeLocals app to continue using the program

What are the other main changes?

• All transactions are now recorded by using the WeLocals app rather than showing a card

• Simply Tap, Show and Scan to record purchases and benefit from rewards and offers in your neighborhood

• Rewards and bonuses are now distributed via the app

• Membership details, members console and all other settings that were previously on this website are now inside the app

• Transactions at businesses are now more seamless and quick

• More optional membership features to explore on the app

• We’ve updated our terms and conditions and privacy policy to reflect the new technology and programs that we are using

I’m a Zipcard member, what do I do?

1. Check out our new Terms & Conditions* and Privacy Policy

2. If you agree to the new terms and conditions:

• Download the app by searching for WeLocals in the App Store or Google Play

• Sign in using the same email you used for your ZipCard, tap forgot password and follow the instructions (this feature will be available until August 31st, 2017)

What about the points and coins I've earned?

• If you sign in with the same email that you used for ZipCard, you will find these in your WeLocals account (you'll notice that your coin count will be reduced by a tenth but, don’t worry, you’ll still have the same if not better buying power)

What about my membership level?

• If you have a black ZipCard, your membership will appear as “premium” and you’ll benefit from the best deals and rewards in the neighborhood (your next annual renewal date will be September 2017)

• If you have a red ZipCard, your membership will remain “free” and you’ll still get great deals but just not always the best

What if I’ve moved or I don’t have a device?

• No device? We'll keep your records till August 31st, 2017 and you can sign in once you have one. If you'd rather just cancel your membership, emails us at to let us know (you will lose any coins or points that you've accumulated).

• Moving? If you think you'll still come back to the neighborhood, we suggest you keep your membership. Want to cancel instead? We’ll miss you, and thanks for all your support! Contact us at and we’ll cancel your membership.


• A big thank you for being part of the neighborhood and ZipCard.  We could never have got this far without your support and we look forward to having you as part of WeLocals for the next stage of our journey.

*Please note that, as a ZipCard member, whether or not you download and use the WeLocals app, you are bound by Zipcard, Inc.’s latest Terms & Conditions. If you don't agree to these latest terms, contact us at and we'll deactivate your account